my entity
2002-01-16 23:34:47 (UTC)

the desire to rest...

in peace! yeah that is what i really wanted to be as of the
moment...the desire to rest in peace forever.

with the way things are going around thresholding every
fiber inch of my flesh and envading my thoughts...i just
wanna close my eyes and wish that my heartbeat stops right

oh well...i dont mean to be pathetic coz i hate pathetic
persons! but i just wanna write down in here whatever
comes into mah mind and whenever i feel doing it with
whatever im thinking about it.

my thoughts starts to be confused about my existence in
this good damn world.

what's the purpose of my soul and to whom this should be

probably my whole piece is just tired of
concerns, peer pressures (this one is kinda wide since i have a
variety of circle of friends) , work hang-ups (the typical corporate
shit!), lovelife maybe..nah not really? and any other things.

i know i know i consider mahself a strong person but...i
just felt that im too exhausted and tired of all these
things...i cant figure out what's in me, really... but still
there's this battle raging inside me to either go on
with this so-called QuEsT or just chill out and be gone?!

any comment will be much appreaciated...

what can you say?

7:35 AM

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