my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-16 23:21:46 (UTC)

week b4 finals....GRRRRR

lol. um, it's the 16th. well i think it is, cuz my
dad "lost" a day. lol. not much has happened, other than me
doing a shitload of thinking about my relationship life.
and i dunno what exactly i'm thinking anymore. great, eh?
and um, my dad asked me what i thought about moving and i
got mad and blew up at him. it was great...not really, cuz
i got really pissed. i really dont want to move. i mean,
all my friends are here, and i'm not about to pack up and
leave 2 yrs before i'm done with highschool. i dont think
so! grrrrrr. and it's sort of final week. tm i got my
global exam and on friday i got my english. next week is
the real final week. heather and me went to review last
nite. oh it was fun. she attracts maggots! ;) and we went
to mcDONalds after. it was great. oh, and brittany and me
finsihed our duct tape notebook. it was so beautiful...i'm
gonna miss that thing. *sniff* it was like a best friend to
me! lmao. but we got a new one...even though this one isnt
all crusty and falling apart, it'll do. lol. ;) and um, i'm
worried about my math midterm, cuz i'm so dumb in math. my
tutor comes tonite. maybe i'll learn more than jack shit.
meeko is doin good. he's a wuss, but i love him! lol. he's
so much fun to play with. i think he's fittin in very well.
me and my animals....i tell ya......

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