Can I love?
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2002-01-16 23:02:36 (UTC)

Best Laid Plans

Ok, I'm not gonna plan what appears here nemore-just let it

Or do I? It's hard 2 say. Prehaps "hate" is too strong a
word to use. I feel like I am always in the interim between
life and death. I told G so. He said that Life was better. I
think I agre. I don't know.
Nothing particulary bothers me now. I'm in a permanent
apathy. I can't really be arsed to write in here nemore but
I will.
A is really getting to me. The fact that my feelings 4 her
are beyond measure contribute to this. She is the 1 thing
that I want and the 1 thing I cannot have. Soon, she will
beout of my life and I fear that in time I will forget her.
Like Isaid, Life sucks

G is the only person who seems to understand me at the mo
but I kinda screwed up with him. I wanted to tell him that I
had developed strong feelings which may sum day rival A's
but it all came out wrong. I don't thinka nother chance will
arise. Ah, well. It goes on
Fre thee well