If I Told U, Would U Hate Me
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2002-01-16 22:42:57 (UTC)

A Really Great Day...

Well today has been an awesome day...I had a half day at
school and each and every class today was fun...I met some
more people and talked to more people in my classes so that
was cool that i now have people to chill with during mom was off today and so when i got home we went
and looked at some other houses but none of them said HOME
ya know...well then we called the guy about the white house
ya know the 3 bed room 2 bath and full basement...and we
went to go check it out well right when we pulled up i
heard this voice in my head that said HOME SWEET HOME
and at that instant i knew it was gonna be a great we went in and checked it out...the living room
is big the dining area just right and the kitchen perfect
fit...the rooms were not too small but not too big...and
best of all my room is was the attic but it is
now a room with full bathroom...its the basement is just
right to put my punching bag for boxing down the way im
gonna start boxing lessons as soon as i find the right place to
start...anyways back to the house...ill have to
call upon some of my guy friends to help us move our stuff
in when we do and also to help me get my room
situated...hey guys do you think youre strong enough for
the job? i must remind you my room is upstairs and i have
the most furniture..lolz just playing my stuff is easy i
promise the rest of it isnt too bad plus maybe you'll have
the chance to meet some of my family...NO IM NOT TRYING TO
SCARE serious...anyways...yeah so the house worked
out we move in by or before the first of the month...well
after we went and looked at the house my mom and i went to
eat lunch at white castle and that was cool we talked about
school and things about the house...then we went to target
so i could apply and i really hope that i get this
took like 45 minutes to fill out the app though...its
all good megan got there right before we left so i got to
see her that was mom really likes her and i think
shes pretty great too...after that we went to walgreens to
get some things and i just went in there and held my bear
until it was time to leave...i love that bear and i really
hope i get it...i have to get it soon though because theres only
three left...i guess im going to be my own valentine
this year but somehow i think im okay with wont be
the first year...most of you know how my ex Puppet did me
dirty on V-Day...anyways i refuse to talk about bad stuff
so forget him hes gone and my tattoo is covered... thats
all that matters...anyways had a really good conversation
with my mom about being a natural beauty...and how i really
know that i may not be everything a man could want on the
outside...but i am the bearer of a beautiful personality
that most people tend to like on the inside even when my bad side
shows...i have what it takes to love someone and be loved
back the same in return...its just a matter of finding
people to get to know and the right one knowing they found
me...oh well the time will not in a hurry for love
but sometimes i wish i just had affection ya okay
though im used to being lonely and after that long you
hardly even notice it...yeah well im gonna go im kinda
hungry plus my mom made FILIPINO FOOD (yay got rice) for
dinner so im gonna go grub luv you all lots always
hugs & bugs
im out