Jan's Life
2002-01-16 22:05:31 (UTC)

~*~ CoNfUsEd ~*~

Omg.. I am so confused!! I'm starting to like luke!! He
is so hott and everyhting he does he looks hott doin. I
want him sooooo bad! He's just like a tyler!! I wish he'd
give me a chance, I can be a really good gf.. from what
tyler told me. But I guess he can't give me a chance if he
doesn;t know I like him. What should I DO!!!! LORD please
help! I don't want to tell him I like him cause I don't
want it to get hurt if he turns me down! I've told 2
people so far... but I don't know if I should tell him!
He's such a player.. I don;t know if he likes me! When he
said we shoud get to know each other better.. i don;t know
if he meant like... so we could go out.. or just to be
friends!!!!! Ahh.. well school's alot better know... I
feel like I'm with the in crowd and more people like me. i
think HS will be soooo fun! But now... I think hannah's
gonna fit in just fine... everyone will prob love her just
like they did in MS... I'm starting to get into sports
again and I'm sooo glad!! I was so out of shape! Sports
make me more confident too! last year was the best! I 'm
hoping it will get better! I hafta go now! bye