a freak with a heart
2002-01-16 22:01:43 (UTC)

A day from Hell with a completely happy ending

Dear Dairy,

well today started off bad, then got worse, then got
really really bad, then became ok!
What the hell kinda day is that you may ask....well let
me tell you...well it all started last night, my dad came
in from outside and told me that my grandfather was in the
hospital. well he's been in the hopsital many times because
he has lung cancer. so i figured he just took a small turn
to the worse. then this morning i wake up to have my mom
and dad both tell me that he is really bad off and they
don't know if he is going to make it...ok so it's bad
right? ok so then they send me to school because i've
missed so many days because of depression, so i had to go.
i made it through 1st ok, i really didn't talk to any one i
just kinda sat in my set. then here it comes the part where
it gets bad then good realy fast....during 2nd i broke down
and started crying ok yeah and 2nd is gym class...so im in
gym crying my eyes out, and my teacher comes over to me and
i tell her that my grandfather is in the hospital dying. so
she sends me down to the counsor. so when i get there i
break down again, and i tell her everything that was going
on in my life. i told her all about my depression, my
school work, my boyfriend, my grandfather....so i sat there
with her crying and spilling my guts for about 40mins,
trying to have her help me figure things out. i mean i know
she really can't help but she can listen and try to comfurt
me. So my counslor wants to send me home and all but no
one's home cause they are all at the hospital. so im stuck
at school! but some good did come from this, the school now
knows that i have mental depression and that i have a lot
going on in my life, so they are going to back off and lay
up on all the bagguring me about not being in school all
the time. and when i got home i found out that my
grandfather was going to make it.....so what would you call
this day good or bad. some one told me that no matter how
bad the day is you can always find that one good thing even
if it's your health or that you wke up alive today....i
thought about that all day today. because there was good in
my day today, and i'm thankfull for it...