2002-01-16 21:34:54 (UTC)


Aren't Libraries just the most funnest thing ever??? And
did you know that here at CMU we now have a super Fun one!
And did you also know that going to the library with a
hottie is even more fun? Well if you didn't now you know!
I had an excellent time at the library and on the way home
from the library especially!! So yeah then after that I
went and watched the new Real World, what HO'S!!!! Bedtime
was next.

Today was just another Wednesday except I had Chemisty lab
at 8:00am. DId you know that statistically speaking those
that have lab early in the morning do worse? So why I ask
would they even schedule a lab then??? Work was pretty
crappy today. . blah..much worse than yesturday! Although
I did say I got there about 25 minutes before I actually
did because she was gone so that was a definate bonus!!!