My Diary
2002-01-16 21:28:35 (UTC)

OMG!! What should I do?!?!?!

Hey, Well I think the week is getting better as a whole!!
But neways this 17 year old named Brad same my picture and
was like shes hott or something like that so now he wants
to meet me which is really good because only 14 (almost 15)
My friend was like hes soooooo hott!! B/c they were at her
house last night!! I was like omg!! I shoulda came!! She
said he was really hott!! And She has [pretty] good taste
in guys! But she was like, he is sooooooo hott!! So I'm
really happy!! I hope so!! He wants to meet me and best
part is he drives!! lol!! That will be tooo cool!! This guy
named John likes her and hes 17 too!! But compared to last
Friday This day has been really good!! Neways I talked
today to shean, [my friends crush] and he was like shes
getting on my nerves sooooooo bad!!! lol but ne ways I dont
know what to tell cause shes like hes acting weird and wont
talk to me!!
Clueless Blondie