Lost for Words
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2002-01-16 21:24:07 (UTC)

scratches from the children..they beat me

at work again...I really school..did you know that?
Today I heard these kids making fun of this . They
always make fun of her but I never really paid much
attention to it until today. They call her "mamma do" I
know it sounds funny but it's not. She's a nice person and
she really keeps to herself. But the "cool kids" at my
school see fit to make fun of her. I heard this tell
this boy that she would go out with him if he kissed
Rebecca (the one they call mamma do). The guys he was
telling that to were laughing histerically. I didn't see
what was so funny. It's not funny when you tease someone.
It's not funny when you hurt someones feelings. It isn't
funny when you tear someone down because it makes you look
better. And people wonder why things like Columbine happen.
They blame the media. RIGHT!!! But people are ignorant
anyways. Always pointing their fingers in the wrong

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