even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2002-01-16 21:08:41 (UTC)

tell me what do i need.. tell me who to believe,..

so.. its english, and we;'re supposed to be making a
resume.. but i have a job, for now, and my mo is like, mrs
resume, so... i guess i feel liek i dont; have to do it...
or at least not right now, when i can get on the internet,
cause, moms on the computer att the time now.. work is
gettng her down i thinkg... i eman, no doubt, it is... but
that sucks.. so today, kelly and i talked.. she gave jason
her aol passowrd, and i thought that was weird, and told
her she proabably shouldn';t.. and then she told me she
gave him her pin numbers, and her credit card numbers,
whihc made me a little weird... i dont; think thats a good
idea at all.. and she justifies it by saying, well, i know
his... but that doesn;t justify much, cause, jason DOES
read her mail, and he get smad about stuff he sees... not
even that he gets mad, but.. there is this guy we met this
summer at the mall when we played that number game, and hes
been wrting kelly emails to get her to come see his band...
and kelly has seen him around a few times, and she thinks
thats weird, liem mayeb it means something... not that
sshed cheat on jason... thats maybe she should go to the
show, or talk to this guy... but jason has been checking
her mail, and being like, what the hell kelly...? and that
makes me weird.. i want her to recognize that i don;t think
thats quite normal... and jason, if you're reading this,
which if you are, thast fine, but it hink tis weird that
you're checking kellys email... i kind of think thats her
private buisness and you don;t really need to do that..
cause kellys not goign to cheat on you.. i tink you're a
little.. insecure about haveing and keeping kelly, but...
don;t read her email... just as common curtesy.. i wouldn;t
give my boy friend my password... cause he wouldn't NEEd to
read my email... i just think its a little sketchy, and am
a little concerned, just a little though... i just want
ya'll to know what im seeing... im concerned as a
friend... so...