2002-01-16 21:02:08 (UTC)

These 4 walls could last forever, i could never be that clever...

Hehehe im happy now=) richard came back today. =) he cant
talk only whisper but hes back!

If you could do anything in the world humanly possible (not
fly...=/) without getting in trouble for it, what would
you do? I said I would kill all the bad people. Not by
hand. I dont know if I could ever take anyones life except
my own.. but I would have them all eliminated. Because its
only them that makes this world such a shitty place.

But anyway I had the most incredibly horrible shitty day...
some asshole prick motherfucker was being terribly mean to
me in government, and we got in a huge fight about gay
rights and it was so horrible i wanted to cry just out of
ANGER that people are so fucking ignorant and mean...I will
never be happy in this world.. but more importantly, I woke
up to my dad bitching because I had a long talk with my mom
last night about college and she was all upset that I want
to go to new college in sarasota. and hes like saying how
i should just go to valencia even tho my sat scores all
good and stuf.. i was RAGING about that earlier, fucking
they took me out of my gifted school to this shit hole away
from all my friends to these assholes, and i think ive
been settling for a mediocre fucking education long
but so when i got home my mom was like are you really going
to apply anyway and i was like well yes i am and shes like
i wont stand in your way baby and i was like okay good and
later she was like would it be cheaper to start looking at
apartments there instead of living on campus and i was like
probably EEEEEEEEEEE. i need to talk to my sam!!!! what if
i dont get in though, my gpa's guna be shitty until i
finish algebra... i dont know im excited, i printed out my
application already, and im also guna apply to the fl
school of the arts in palatka. THERES HOPE OF GETTING THE

happy happy happy time!!!!
And my ashley got hired at my job!! =) I'm guna go apply
at this other place today just cus its more money and it
might be a less sending-me-over-the-edge type of job, but
I dont know cus now my favorite girls are there with me.