dismal life
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2002-01-16 20:59:57 (UTC)


Today was absolutely horrible. MiKeY and I really broke
up...I have no one...Plus Lizzie didn't come to school
today. =( I have no herb to smoke now and I have to wait

Actually I'm more upset about not having weed then me
breaking up with MiKeY...I should have known that this was
going to be another failure...WASTE OF TIME! I love him so
much. It's kinda hard to see him in the halls and not kiss
him. He so kissable....FUCK THAT! Not to be conceited or
anything but it won't be hard to find someone else. Maybe I
should get myself a girl. They are more sensitive and
caring. UNLIKE BOYS! blah...

I need to smoke.

My ex started going to our skool and I saw him today. He
looked like he wanted me to stop and talk but I was kinda
in a rush. I miss having him as a friend. We could like
talk about everything and anything. =(

Well I have to do a little entertaining now BLAH! grrrrrr
I'm so depressed