daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-01-16 20:39:20 (UTC)


Yesterday A and I had a huge special project. While
we were working, EH kept walking by and through the
department. He even called the store meeting in my
department, even though that would be stupid because we're
special division. I escaped with L and D by going to
lunch, heh. He teased me incessantly all night. As soon
as he would leave, A would give me hell. Why, why, why
does this have to happen to me? He really made me mad at
one point and I asked him what his deal was. I said I wish
I had something on him so I could get him back. He laughed
(he'd been smirking at me the whole night) and replied that
he just liked to rag on me all the time. What the hell is
that? And once again, WHY?! I hope he doesn't have a thing
for me...and even more, I hope I don't have a thing for him.


P.S. I hope even more that he doesn't think that I have a
thing for him.