Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
2002-01-16 20:04:38 (UTC)

01.16.02 Dream

Well last night i had this crazy dream. Amber had her own
pet store specializing in very exotic animals. There were
really weird bugs in aquariums trying to get out, and amber
kept saying, "you dont want to touch that", "nope, that
one bites", and "one bite and your dead". And then she
told me to come over because she had a surprise for me. She
had tp special order it from south america. She unveiled a
big purpley-red toad. Then with a twinkle in her eye and a
giggle, she said, "it is one of thos halucinigenic toads,
lick it", I sat around there for a while tottally high,
Then Jamie came in and said that he had just bought
amber a new car. We went out and there was this cool-ass
wedge shaped flat black, (even the windows) bat-mobile
looking car. You had to climb thru the roof-hatch to get
into it. It was really cool.
Then the three of us were in the car, and from the
inside it looked like a a gansta's car, with dinko-balls,
and lots of religious pariphanailia (sp).
Then there was this really big mack truck barrelling
down on us. Jamie kept laughing telling amber to stop the
car, that the trunk couldnt hurt us in the car. Amber kept
screaming something about it being scratched. I was in the
back just howing laughing.
And that was my dream