mary hansen

memoirs of stereolab
2001-04-16 05:03:52 (UTC)

fear and loathing in england

today we played in bristol. i am beginning to dislike the
band. laetitia thinks she is the bomb just because she is
french. well, what about australia. we are not all
descendents of inmates. anyway, morghane is gay and she
gets all the hott mod guy's. all of the organ's broke. i
have no organ's to play. oh, i forgot i play guitar anyway.
dear diary, do you think i am old? does anyone read this?
no one even recognizes me on the streets when we are on
tour. tim writes all the songs and volvo never even sent me
the royalty monies they promised. i am beginning to know
why katharine gifford left and started that buggery band
snowpony. maybe it is time to quit and do gospel. i love
arethra franklin. i need more time to do the things i enjoy
like shopping at second hand stores. bye for now. depressed
in dusseldorf, mary