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2002-01-16 19:50:09 (UTC)

January 16,2002

I hate men!

I am so tried of these guys trying to get into women heads
to figure them out I am tried of men trying to win us over
that they are better then us!

When it comes to dating I really don't like the concept of
it I think it is useless. But I of cousre must follow trends
because I will be viewed as a out cast if I don't have
someone. They are three types of guys I don't date they are
Co-workers and anyone from my building, friends that I look
at them as brothers and married men!

Why is it when a female shows that she is just being nice we
are lending them on? Or that we are favouring them over
everyone else? I don't understand, these reason I remained
single, and I have noticed that if a member of the opposite
sex is interested in me I must be the one to set them
straight. Now call me crazy but isn't it their problem why
can't they fix it themselves? I really don't get it, I wish
that I was younger about 12 therefore I wouldn't have to go
throught shit like this!

I refuse now to mention if I am dating to not offend people
who are trying to get in there with me! I shouldn't have to
do that, but God forbid I have a life!

I will no longer justify my actions to anyone anymore this
time I really am going to have it out with these guys. I am
not interested in anyone so please leave me the fuck alone!

To the world I am having casual sex with strangers! Just to
keep me sane!

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