2002-01-16 18:54:03 (UTC)

so... i had an interview..

i had an interview yesturday. and i just got a call telling
me that i could have the position if i want it.
i dont know what to do.
its confusing.
i didnt even want to go the fucking interview. and now its
all complicated. i dont know. i dont like change. and i
dont like not knowing what im doing...
sigh. im tired.
im always tired.
mommys solution for that. is to take pills.
i hate pills.
im tired. so tired.
i might be seeing emily today. im not sure. shes going to
be with her friend. but she just said that theyre coming
here. so...maybe i will. or not. dont know. she told me
last night that she wouldnt be seeing as much of me because
she wants to spend time with her before she leaves for
school. i understand though. i do. and so im not going to
be the bitch in this situation. good job ashley.

i dont know what to do about this job opportunity.

whatever world im going to sleep.

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