the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2002-01-16 18:41:29 (UTC)

too much time to waste

hey guys
today has been interesting so far
i cant wait to get home though im tired and i really dont
want to be one campus until 6:30 but i dont have a choice
nut nut leaves today i hope he has a safe trip home well
back to base...

meggs and i havent talked in a couple of days i hope we can
hang sometime this week...."so much to say"

kristy and i are like seriously the same person
we act like nuts and everyone runs b/c they think we are
crazy im glad to have her friendship this year though its
helping a lot so far with classes......

my lil bro and i are supposed to go hang out later today if
im not too would be great if we could go see a
movie and just chill like old times..i miss him ...i got so
used to seeing him everyday :)

josh and i havent spoken in forever sometimes i wonder if
he is mad at me comstantly or just distant?
but its all good im not too worried with it
if he needs me he'll come find me

danny--known to EVERYONE ELSE BUT ME as
growing to like it here which is great im excited for her
i hope school is going as well as she had hoped
its cool to have her here
its like having a sister

but im out i need to jet i have a class pretty soon

later all love all
and couz