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2002-01-16 18:40:50 (UTC)

and God has dandruff

i didn't used to be this sensitive to the cold...but fuck
i'm freezing right now. it's snowing...which is good,
cause i'd always dreamed of a white biology final...
argh...yeah, 200 questions, 100 minutes, featuring words
like glycoloxicase and phosphodiester and slkejfoie4htgoh
and so on...i pretty much just put down whatever answer was
easiest to read. That's cool though, cause people were
freaking out about whether stanford or MIT would still take
them if they failed the final, and i'm like...yay i'm going
to columbia college, they'd take you if you failed a final,
they'd take you if you failed a drug test, they'd take you
if you failed to find waldo...
stress free :)
The bad thing about columbia is it's in illinois, so it's
cold, because it's fucking cold here...but it's fine, cause
it's in chicago, which isn't really in illinois. chicago
is as good as a sovereign state...the rest of illinois is
pretty much worthless. oh, except we are the proud owners
of a mass amount of flat land, a couple of 30 theater movie
places, and a few cows and sows.
I have to work tonight, but hopefully i'll be the quasimodo
of trader joe's again like last night...i have this weird
red spot on my neck, and they thought it was a hicke i they kept me in the back room where none of the
customers would be exposed to my filth lol...worked out
well though, they paid me 60 bucks for doing pretty much
now i have to go shop for a toaster.

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