Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
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2002-01-16 18:37:25 (UTC)


Last night I had the weirdest dream. In it my
boyfriend was cheating on me with some chick named
Ann. She called him while we were making out in his
room and he called me his friend, and I grabbed the
phone and said, I'm his girlfriend, who the fuck is
this??? She said her name was Anne and she was
his girlfriend too, and I ran out of his house and ran
down his street to his friends' house (they're twins, both
really hot). Jason was with his girlfriend Nicole, and his
brother was upstairs. (Yes, this is still a dream.)
Anyway, Jason sent me upstairs because I was crying
and he wanted to make out with his girlfriend, and I told
him that if my boyfriend came either not to let him in or
to tell him that I was fuckin Alan. My boyfriend finally
came and since it was his friends' house, they let him
in and they told him that I was upstairs crying and Alan
was comforting me. He went upstairs, and the door
was cracked. Alan and I were pretending to fuck under
the covers, and eventually we ended up actually fucking,
and my boyfriend was sitting there watching, but he
couldn't see anything. In my dream, he deserved it for
cheating on me. That's okay because it was just a
dream, not real life, but I told both Alan and Jason. It
was hilarious, they didn't even think it was weird or
something. It was funny.