Whenever * Whatever
2002-01-16 17:48:06 (UTC)


Yeah, it's been a while since I have graced this site with
my presence. *Lol* Not! Anyway, I just got some free time
dropped in my lap & decided to use it.

Not much has been going on this week. Wal-Mart gets dorkier
every day though. *Lol* I don't know why people shop there.
What am I saying? I shop there.

Just 19 more days until college. Ahhhh! Actually, I am
pretty excited about it. Wal-Mart's going to cut my hours
because I am not avalible 24/7 now, but that's ok. I need
my hours cut for my sanity. They act like they are doing me
some kind of favor by making me work 40 hours a week. *Lol*
I don't think so.

Amanda & I talked last night for about an hour. he made a
93 on her senior project. I flipped out! That is really
great. If it wasn't for her I don't think that I could get
through living at home now that my "dad" is back. She keeps
me going.

These days I could just rip my hair out & slit my own
throat & it's all because the shit head moved back in with
my mom. I mean I know that I only have a year to deal with
it, but DAMN! People do snap & go crazy in a matter of a
year. Ya know what I am saying?

I also talked to Ronnie. He was in a pissy mood. Probably
because his team lost the game last night, but whatever. I
love him & I know he loves me, but I really can't talk to
him right now about everything that is going on in my mind.
I guess that's why I have Amanda.

The song Amanda & I were listening to on the phone makes a
whole lot of sense. I am not all that into country music,
but the song said: "It's times like these, I wish I was the
tin man. You could hurt me all you wanted & I'd never even
know. Well, I'd give anything just to be the tin man & I
wouldn't have a heart & I wouldn't need a soul.