Mirror of my mind
2002-01-16 17:37:26 (UTC)


In the second week of December a drama struck the family.
An aunt of my sister-in-law committed suicide. Reason: her
husband left her after 25 years of marriage. Their marriage
was a troublesome one, but one day hubbie announced that he
had been having a relationship with another woman for the
past three years and that he would leave to live with her.
Something must have snapped in the aunt's head because the
following morning they found her hung to death in the
garage. Very sad, very traumatic for many.

This morning our new principle talked about his problems.
He had left his wife and kids after 25 years of marriage.
Very sad, for both parties, but I couldn't help being
reminded of that 'aunt' who couldn't deal with the hardship
of the truth. It's amazing how different people react
differently to similar situations. Why does one react in
the most severe way, taking her own life, and why does
someone else try to go on with life, struggle through tough
periods, hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel.

The principle's tale made me very much aware of each story
having two sides. Before hearing his story I was sort of
blaming the hubbie of the aunt for leaving his wife. But he
couldn't have foreseen what would happen. And I'm sure the
decision he made wasn't easy. You don't throw away 25 years
without a reason. And I'm sure nobody expected her to take her
own life after hearing his decision.
Hearing the principle's version re-opened my eyes. We
should never stop looking at both sides (or more) of each
story. It's easy to blame one party because we're angry and
frustrated with people and situations. Easier said than
done, but from now on I'll try to remember to listen to
these very words.


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