2002-01-16 17:06:10 (UTC)


Its disgusting looking arroud. Everyone seems to
have this special someone and I cannot even bare the sight
of looking arround by valintines I will have wanted to
regergatate more than 200 times and by April I will have
regergatated exactly that many times. So what to do? I mean
do you just go on doing nothing or should we really start
to inforce the No PDA rule. So then what do I tell my
friends. The answer... nothing at all. For the same
reasont that when I have someone they don't say any thing
at all.
But why the hell am I complaining? I have this good
guy friend that has some privilages but some how its not
the same. I can't stand it. I need to live a better life
but then I guess thats asking for too much. So then do I
embrace the love and dare not speak its name or should I
deny that love and continue on that long long road of

This SUCKS!!!!