Sporty Tomboy

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2002-01-16 16:11:40 (UTC)

No time to search the world around cuz you know where ill be found when i come around

Pshychology... the act of disecting another's brain.
WHAAAAAT? okay i dont know what it is but it gunna be fun.
oh yeah. lets see i must say how many times have a hit my
head today... im gunna start a countdown type thing every
day. haha. well its only 5th period and ive hit my head 10
times today. YES! SCORE! being a clutz rules. me and dru
are going to be dangerous together cuz were both clumsy :)
awww thats so cute. i love you so much in so many ways i
can't even begin to explain. your too cute for words.
hehehe. oh no! i was laughin giddy somebody save me from
the insanity. muahahaha. i miss my brother im not gunna see
him all week hes not coming to skool but he visited me
yesterday and i didnt get to do the macarena cuz he stopped
me before i could even do 10 seconds of it :( waaaa! well i
did get to do some macho man.. haha. oh yeah! SCOREFEST
2002! i wanna go to the warped tour sooooo bad. and theres
one in cleveland :) me thinks im gunna go............ that
would rock my socks. well what is that some girl dressed in
pink and now everybody thinks shes dressing punk. ummmm
okay pink? sorry everyone in my programming class is
talking about how kewl it is right now and i do not agree.
its DUMB. haha well yes i guess its my signal that i gotta
go emma your pictures are awesome dood. well to all the
people i know, i love you more then you may know ;) so
lotsa huggies for ya allz! Dru, I'm in love with you and I
miss you.

***Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeeeee

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