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2000-11-26 19:13:21 (UTC)

Welcome to another entry made..

Welcome to another entry made by Eternity!
I don't no but this is wut I think bout when I write. I
think ya'll want me to write so I'll reveal a screct bout
myself! Yes, that's what I think ya'll want me to write if
ya'll even want me too...*S
Right now my Mom and my Sister is on the way to the
store and Blockbuster! My biggest goal to do in the palace
is to become a princess in the clan called Elven! I don't
think I would be one but I'll still keep on trying! The
color I'm in , in the clan elven is purple. If you do have
the software called the palace please contact me at
[email protected]!
You could become a wiz at my palace that I'm just
started on today! =)~ I'm so happy now that I've got my own
palace ^.^! Each day you read my diary entries you get
sucked into my own 'Weird Lil World'. For this up coming
Christmas I wish for the sims 'Livin Large'. I also wish to
be a princess in da clan Elven. Also some editing skills,
so I can make better avs for myself to wear!
Have you noticed I've been jumping subject to
subject? Well sorry bout that, that's how I 'type'. ^.^
I'm a internet freak if you haven't already noticed! I can
type faster then nebody I've known except for my sister. I
hope I get to type faster then I type rite now! ^.^
I love mystical creatures. Think it's kewl how each
creature has it's own powers to control somthing, for an
exsample, a siren, it has a beautiful voice yet it's evil.
My palace at the palace ish bout mystical creatures, soon
ppl will be able to get some avs as soon as I learn how to!
(HeeHee) OMG! Tomorrow ish soooooo horriable, it's
Great! oooooo I hate science! I have a annoying, yet funny
lab partner! Ok this ish the end of my last entry today,
well unless something comes up!
Here's my second screct! This ish a sad screct but I'll
share it...My private art teacher has a TUMOR!!!! *Sobs*

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