Skuz9c1's Thoughts
2002-01-16 13:07:18 (UTC)

My Other Car Is A Piece Of Shit Too!!!

Bumper stickers, sum suck, sum rule. that one is a good
one. anywho, 16 more hours of werk and the weekend is here,
i got big plans (for once).
1. Cash My Check, Take Money Out
2. See Black Hawk Down
3. Go to Plainwell To Test Drive/Buy this car i just found
on Autotrader, $800 ands its 9c1
4. Might start taking things out of my truck, ie CB,
Antennas, Radar, Lights, Speakers.
6. Go Down To Kool Chevrolet and ask how much it would cost
for a truck

I Finally figured how my vehicle situation is gonna look in
a few months:
1. The car i might get this weekend i'll prolly keep and
beat the shit out of or sell to wiggles (gregg) if he wants
it, or use it as a beater
2. get a 80's model 9c1 thats clean and restore it
3. get a 98-01 Chevy S-10 ZR2 Package (offroad pkg.) that
should cost me more than 17,000 dollars.
4. Dak would be traded in or sold to who ever wants it.

thats the skivvy, i got lots on my mind. i feel sorry for
barb at werk, listening to me always talking about cars,
then she has to go home to her husband that always talks
about motorcycles. o, i lost 3 pounds, gained 2, eh, so im
down a total of 5 pounds in 2 weeks, its slow, but i need
more sell control and i can fix that, next 2 days i'll be
hungry, no money, heh

anyways, going to bread now, PIECE!!

Current Muzic: Sevendust - Praise

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