my weight struggle
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2002-01-16 12:56:52 (UTC)

new year weight

My weight just wont steady at all, it goes up and down like
a yo yo. the past week its gone down again to my pre-xmas
weight, thank god. I put on a few pounds over xmas and i
cant afford to do that. I was struggling to fit into my
jeans as it was but over xmas i ballooned so much i could
hardly breathe when i did the button up. Even doing it up i
had to suck my tummy in loads and itmade me feel so fat and

Anyway, i am still fighting daily to rid my body of its
excess weight. My thighs are so unshapely. They really
bother me as they are like big stuffed sausages. Then
theres my belly, which thankfully has gone down like i said
to its pre xmas bulge which is bad enough. I'm trying not
to eat a lot of chocolate bars coz they are my biggest
weakness and one isnever enough. Its just so bad when all
the pounds pile on to my belly hips and thighs - why cant
itgo to my chest or sth, i wouldnt complain at that.

So my jeans that i judge how fat i am are average at the
moment, not as loose as id like, but not so tight my spare
tyres are coming over the top. Actually i saw this grat pic
of britney spears the other day, she was sat in a chair and
there was no spare tyre at all - her tum hardly even
creased! IT was so flat and lean and streamlined i felt
sick with jealousy.

I certainly dont want to put any weight on - this is my max
weight and size and if its going to change, i want it to be
through weight loss. I just wish i had a sleeker body and
not so many little rolls of flab and bumps everywhere.

Anyway i am going to try really hard and keep off the
chocolate. Il work as hard as poss at the tummy exercises
too, as the current tyres are still not good enough. I want
to lose about 2 inches from my waist. thatd be the ideal
anyway. Just dont let me put it on for gods sake.