De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2002-01-16 12:14:08 (UTC)

New Challenges

Wednesday 16/01/02

Hadda last minute meeting with my bosses this afternoon,
set me up on a design and programming project, in C !!
yikes... havent done windows programmin in C yet, so it
should be challenging and fun... They are nice and mood in the office is not tense, thank goodness..
hopefully i can deliver the goods..

walked around town today after many days of being a
hermit ; P, went to the library and borrowed a few
reference books to read to prep up...also borrowed this
cool (but thick) book on games programming..should be
intereting.. been readin a lot lately!! gonna strain my

apart from work, it's been pretty much a routine these
days, watched a hot lesbian flick at luke's last
nite...heheh..big day out's this friday..but looks like i
cant go anymore : ( ...heck it, no $$ anyway...

hittin the books again....

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