I'm Not Sparkly Anymore!
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2002-01-16 09:02:49 (UTC)

Wondering what this place is about...

I have never heard of this online journaling community.
That makes me really want to be a part of it. I like
anonymity. I'm tired of people that I know reading my
life, but I really enjoy writing about it in my online
journal. It is also just a good place to express myself
poetically or also in short story form. I can't stand
people that see me face to face reading such private
things. Now, it isn't that their so private that I don't
want anyone to know. It is just that I keep up this
dingbat facade, so that nobody will expect anything from
me. So far it has proven to be a good idea. Most people
don't even bother asking me for favors. I don't like
people knowing that I do actually have active braincells.
I know I know. Impressive (heh). Anyway, I think this
place looks like a place to indulge in my anonymity.
Hopefully I'm right.

We'll see.

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