All Fucked Up
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2002-01-16 07:27:24 (UTC)

Culver City Cody

His name is Cody and he's a Culver City kid-- my sister's
latest outfit in her ever increasing wardrobe of
boyfriends/husbands....the latter is more rare for her to
find, though, 'cause no guy seems to be able to afford her.
But Cody...he's a cool cat. Suave, funny, great chef.
Altogether good guy. He was my brother's buddy
first....they met in elementary school...then Jeff, my
sister came along. So all in all, Cody, not to mention his
brother, Chris, have been "family," I suppose you could say

Chris and Cody both have a stutter/speech problem, which
can be quite a riot in public where no one seems to
understand them. We were all at the Daily Grill last year
and Code decided to read everything off the menu, as he
always does for some strange reason. So he gets to the pie
section and happens upon "Apple Crisp", which he couldn't
properly pronounce. "Appp-lllle Ch-rrris," he
stumbled, "Hey, look, Chris-- you're on the menu!" Fuckin'

Code picked me up from philosophy class today and as soon
as I entered the house, by routine (there is really no use
to say it w/the perpetually warm weather and all, but I
have a habit of saying it anyway), I say, "I'm cold!!" At
that, Cody rushed to the fire place, me trailing along to
see what he was up to this time. "Damn," he muttered, "I
can't ge-e-e-t this to work!" "You're suppose to do it this
way, ya idiot..." I say, trying to enlighten him a bit.
So...Code did it and unexpectedly, he nearly burnt his arm

Greatest thing I ever saw. Beautiful. The fire
fiercely "flew" out of the fireplace and singed Cody's
whole right arm, leaving it completely black, along w/his
face. I couldn't stop laughing. "You're like that kid on
Big Daddy", he goes, "You're not laughing until something u-
utterly stupid happens!" Code wasn't upset, though-- he
soon realized how funny it was too. And it was great to see
his tattoos in a whole different perspective-- w/o the hair
on his arms slightly covering them