word problem
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2002-01-16 05:04:20 (UTC)

Pardon Me...

Pardon me. Would you peel these layers?
One by one?
There are many.
Does that frighten you?
It frightens me.
Pardon me.
Would you touch this?
The nape of my neck?
That tickles.
Pardon me.
Would you breathe a bit harder?
Let me feel the hot moisture
upon my flesh?
That's nice.
Pardon me.
Would you run your long fingers up and down my thigh?
And allow me the pleasure of letting mine
Dance around you perfect head?
Pardon me.
Would you be upset if I said
That I've had enough?
That all I desire is your hand's touch?
Your warm lips upon min
And nothing more?
Pardon me.
I've had enough.

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