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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-04-16 01:49:38 (UTC)

For those who read this...

We got a question in the feedback asking whether or not we
broke up... well that answer is yes we did. It's over and
so is this diary as far as I'm concerned because I pretty
much forgot about it. If anything interesting happens in
my life I may make a post but as of now all i have is this:

Everyone in the world hates me and those who don't I
hate. Also, my sister is having a baby (girl) in a little
over a week so yay hehe that makes me Uncle Matt... even
tho I already have a nephew... I'm Uncle Matt (to the 2nd
power). Uhh what else... I have a new girlfriend and shes
soooo amazing but I won't go into that because... well I
just won't not now anyway. Okay, I have been typing this
on an empty stomach so I'm gonna go get some food. Bye bye

- Matt

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