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2002-01-16 01:20:16 (UTC)

New friend for me - new days

Rainy afternoon was the Tuesday 16th January 2002. Summer
in my country. At night I saw my last friends Carol and
Mel. They would be fine or not I could not see better.
The day. I was walking around my home town and saw an older
known people. She was some friend in past. Well I walked
to Park with her. I with my umbrella and she with her
walking. She went to gim place of park and it started to
rain. I used umbrella and we went to her home together.
More minutes to wait while her maiden heard she was
knocking the door. She left me in room watching tv after I
got a cup of water. After she take a bath I walked with
her back to my home town. She went to a friend of her house.
And later went to a mall. I had been at town. It was nice to
met some older friend.
I helped the janitor of my home town to carry leafs and
branches of tree he cut. I suggested to use to branches
to hold the bag with leafs. It worked fine instead to try
to carry a weighed bag with hands.
Words do not work so good. They are only stories that could
try memories of feelings. So I did helped friends with
actions. Toughs enemies ever tried to send lies with stories
instead of being good to my friends.
They never could torn apart Mel from me. Because she was
never with me. But would be good if someday I would be with
her and left. I think it is better never had been with her
to never have her apart. She thinks me as a friend of an
Angel of her and her friend Carol.
Tomorrow is more than another day in my home town. I am
making City Park part of my town. Good friends like me.
Forever love friend does not need to like me.