Pure Belligerence
2001-04-16 01:13:22 (UTC)

*Fun fun silly willy.... only not really.... but sometimes*

Today, easter, was ok i guess, i feel about ready to bring
all this candy iv eaten back up to the surface. Me and
some of my family (uncles aunts grandparents cousins etc,
about 20 of us) went out to eat which took awhile.
Yesterday, at my dads house, i was once again reminded by
my lonliness and boredom i have no friends who live around
there. Its just me, my brother sister and occasionally my
brothers like only friend jeff and his little sister
sarah. Its always fun when they come over, more than i
would like to admit, them being 11 and 8. Id rather have
someone my age to do things with, but theyre better than
nothing. When they left, me andrew and jessie rolled around
it the front yard having pig piles on top of eachother, it
was great. Even though im supposed to be too old for that
kind of thing, i never got it out of my system as a
youngin, i was an only child most the time. And before i
bore anyone who might read this.... i need to go fix my
contact, i put it in wrong and it really hurts, badly might
i add.