2002-01-16 03:57:12 (UTC)


Today might be the begining of the end for me. I gave her
the not telling her that I needed her back in my life, and
she is back. Why is that not good enough? Cause I love her.
I have problems making up my mind, am I just crazy or do I
love her? Today was one of the longest days of my life,
over 4 hours on the phone with katie, I dont remeber the
last tiem I talked that much with her even when we were
dating. Im different now, but I still feel empty like
befor. I had moments of pure happieness today, but they
faded with logic setting in. I miss her so much, it a
aching pain. Im gonna give it my all, love everything, bare
your soul and gain imortality. Thats the game of life for
some, "stupid games are for stupid people" playes for me,
what has no begining and has no end, that would be me and
katie, only there is a begining, and they cannot be a end,
beucase neither of us refuses to give it one. Well this is
day one of what may be the end.