2001-04-16 01:08:38 (UTC)

my fucked up weekend

this weekend i went to the 98* concert. I went with my
friend Carolyn. Our seat's sucked ass! and we were kinda
bored. Now in the very front row, i noticed my friend,
Leanne. We snok down to her spot, and we were front row! We
were so close that we could touch them! then i went to take
out my camera, but it WAS FUCKING BROKEN! Then when we
eventually got home, my dad fixed it in like 2 minutes,
simply by taking out the battery, and letting it rest for
like 1 minute.
Then when i went to the 98* concert, i found out my school
friends had this 'party.' Well i liked this guy named 'dave'
for like 9 months. Well @ this party... my friend brittany
who was apparently sooooo drunk, made out with dave. Dave
apparently was pretending to be drunk. and my other friend,
Rachel, was gettting all 'cozy' with him! Now i didn;t like
dave for the past week, but i never told them i didn't not like him anymore and the fact that they didn;t
know that, and them being my 'friends' would do such a thing
to me.. kinda hurts. so now im so fucking mad @ them. They would make otu with a guy that their
FRIEND LIKES! that's pathetic ont heir part!
yeah those are supposed to be my best friends, thanks alot,