i guess this is what u want to read..
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2002-01-16 03:22:33 (UTC)

The little train just stopped....

hey today was a semi good day..i went to school on time
today..haha..what a laugh...i got to school..pd. A was
boring, its the same old crap..people in that class bug
me..thank god its over on thursday..then in pd. B i just
sat around bc i was all caught up so i just drew some
cartoons..they were pretty funny..haha the ones name was
sid..hahaha...anyway..lunch was bad...then pd. C(2/3) was
great..but then again it always is..than pd. D was
great..bc i had taken a test yesterday that i thought i had
sooo failed..but today when Heft handed them back i had
gotten a B...and had the 3rd highest grade in the class..so
that kinda felt good..haha..then we had ADV. today..that
was really gay bc i hate everyone in that stupid thing that
is a waste of time..and the people in there are morons..for
real they talk about stupid things..then finally the bell
rang and it was time to get out of that place...so i went
on the bus home..boring like always..i got home and watched
some tv bc my sister had already taken over the
internet..TARD!...about 2 hours later my sister let me
on...i got off the net about an hour later bc no one was
one well people were on but they were boring..then i went
to the Dr....that was boring...then i came home and watched
some tv..then my dad yelled down the stairs..and since we
have an inclosed TV room its hard to hear anyone upstairs
so by the second time of him yelling i was kinda angry and
annoyed by him..so i guess i sounded like i was "back
talking" to him so he yelled at me louder..haha..and he
told me i needed to get respect for him..(yeah ok when your
yelling at me sssssure) anyway..he told me to do the
dishes..so i started doing them..then i broke a bowl..i
didnt try it, the stupid thing fell..so then he yells WHAT
WAS THAT..like i tried it..and then i was like just a
bowl..and he was like MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN ALL OF IT UP!!!
and i yelled back "I KNOW THIS" and i guess he didnt like
that either bc he yelled a bunch of things i dont wanna say
and told me to go to my room..so i did..i didnt care,..i
mean yeah i was mad.,.but o well...so then i came up the
stairs and he was down the hall and told me to come over to
him..so i did..then he started yelling more..i couldnt look
him in the eye so i looked at the floor and he told me to
look him in the eyes..i tried...but i couldnt bc i always
started to cry..haha yes thats right i cried..so then he
yelled more..so i ran to my room shut the door and cried a
lot more..he came in my room and sat on my bed, he kept
asking me what was wrong..well maybe if he lived my life he
would know..and maybe if he lived my life he would be smart
enough not to ask..(i mean yeah i do have bad days..but
they all catch up on me..its hard..but i guess i just have
to live with it) so then he kept telling me that he loved
me and he yells at me bc he cares, and blah blah blah then
he got the things outta me that bug me..and then he left my
room (thank god) and i just laid there and was
thinking..but nothing bad..i was thinking about good things
to get the bad things off my mind..and in the end..i feel
good..ive taken all the good stuff in and put out the
bad..and maybe i should do this more often to help
me...hahah welp its like 10:20pm..and im bored with this
sooo byes!

crush news: ummm not really anyone..unless...******..starts
talking to me again! :)