Ho Ho Holly
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2002-01-16 03:17:07 (UTC)


sometimes everbody gets in these moods where they dont care
but they never stop to think that it has an effect on other
ppl i mean i do it my self nt realizeing, one person that i
have noticed the most that does it is the person whom your
closest to and thats why it has the most impact... my
boyfriend can be a dickhead sometimes i mean so can
everybody.... but i love him and the fact that i think he
can be a jerk and i can be just a big of bycth doesnt
change the way i feel in any way at all... sometimes the
things he says pertrays as if he doesnt care i mean i know
he does but at that moment it just feels like he doesnt and
its kinda makes me sad even though i know im over
reacting.... an dits not just him everybody does it ... so
in conclusion.... people need to stop and think that sure
everybody has there moods but what they say can trully have
an effect of somebodys feelings so in conclusion

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