2000-11-26 18:27:53 (UTC)

This is Eternity! You have just..

This is Eternity!
You have just eterned my life...
I'm obsessed with the visual chat software called "The
Palace". People on there say that I 'type' mature for my
age! Ha! I don't think I do at least...LoL
Right now I'm working on a site called 'Eternity's
World'. It would be done in a couple of weeks though b/c
I'm not allowed on the computer on the weekdays b/c of
school. If you have the software 'The Palace' please try to
find me by the name Eternity! It will not be just Eternity
b/c I've joined clans. I also go by the name
ForbiddenDreams in the software. I have just begun my own
palace. I have help of the 2 ppl I met online named Spirte
and Veriria.
Some people think that Sprite is a hungrey over powered
*****. I'm not goin to cuss on here. I'll cuss but only
with *s. Some of my entries will be private b/c somethings
are so private they could not be displyed to the public! =p
If you're wondering wut age I am I'll tell you later on.
Every time I have a new entry I'll let out a lil screct,
but the scrects won't be that big of one. This is so you'll
no a lil bout me everyday also bout my obession with the
palace! This is the end of my entry so here is my age.
I'm only eleven years old.

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