even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2002-01-16 03:00:35 (UTC)

just veggies, eh?

so, today i startyed my job at amys, and in a few minutes,
mom will be pulling up in MY new car.. not a new car, but a
car that is new to me... so... life is pretty good, from a
certian vaspect... i mean, its not bad, but since break,
coming back, ive been tired, and kind of sick is, but
mostly today, and kind of sad, and vacations have a tendecy
to do that...but... so far as for things going right, the
kind of are.. ive been dreaming again, and i think that
when i deam, i am more pshychic.. does that amke sence? i
knw it sounds stupid, even for me, but.. it hink its true,
im working a part of my brain that doesn;t usually work,
and i think i like it, i mean, wahts not to like?
tired... and im good right now.. i coudln;t get ahold of
joselin, and i would have liked othave sen her... jessica
was liek, i dontl wknoi where she is, and kelly is with
jason, and hes not pickimg up his phone, and kelly said
shes make me dinner... so im lost.. i dont; knwo hwat to

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