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2001-04-16 00:47:34 (UTC)

My Weekend.......

Yo Every1!!
So, Im going to tell ya about my weekend. On Friday night I
spent the night at my friend Nicole's house then got in a
fight with her because she always chooses her b/f over me.
(its more complicated than that....hes a real dick and she
doesn't see that) Then, I left and went to my friend Mike's
bonfire and he was acting kinda pissy too! Then, when I got
home....I found out some really bad shit about Nicole's
boyfriend but I swore not to tell so I dont' know what to
do. 2day I went to church then my cousins came over (Alicia
too) and me and her went on a long walk and she told me
some crap about my friend carrie that I didnt' want to
know!! hehe. Now...im sitting here bored. I can't wait
until next friday when I go to Lake Okaboji w/ Jeff and
Andrew!! It will be great....then I'll decide who I like
better. Well, I'll w/b as soon as I have something new to
tell ya!!
Luv Always, Jill