My Stuffff that no one cares about
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2002-01-16 02:55:32 (UTC)


What a odd night. Not quite the normal night of just
sitting around watching my hockey and shit. I find out Liz
can't get really close to someone or "get attached" and she
comes into a relationship like NO COMMITMENTS!!!! WTF! I
mean I'm not saying I want commitments.... but I don't not
want them! Whatever happens happens is good for me. So the
first girlfriend I've reallly liked can't get close to me.
Wow thats great huh!!!!!!??? A best friend Jamie said some
really sweet things in a song she wrote about me and it
actually brought tears to my eyes. My friendships with Alix
and Kim seem to be fading. Wow.... everything was great a
few weeks ago. Fuck That! Shit with school and grades and
make up work and tests and fuck! 2 much pressure. I have
surgery on Friday. Midterms next week. I just realized I
haven't talked to God in quite some time.... I used to pray
on a regular basis... and the last thing I thought would
happen was that I would grow distant from him, although he
is always trying to keep me close. I need to talk to him
more. It helps so much. Well I realize some friends like
Jamie and Brandon are ALWAYS there for you. Some friends
like Alix are only there sometimes and relationships are
really hard. Either you like the girl alot and she likes u
but not the same..... or She is obsessed with you and your
like holy sheep shit batman get the fuck way. I need a
break from the friends who aren't always there and this
thing with my girlfriend is really bothering me and of
course shes not home and i didnt really do anything with
her last weekend and this weekend i'll be fucked up from
surgery. Now i gotta take out the trash and shower and go
to bed. I did buy American Pie 2 on DVD today! HAHA that
and being such a great friend with Jamie (and the flyers
and sixers won) r the highlights of my day. And wayyy to
much shit and stress today. Welll wow this thing with Liz
is gonna bother me for a while... I'm not "in love with
her" its only been a month and a half.... but i do love
her... i think there is a difference but some people
dont... F THEM! hahahaha naaa but fer real i've never been
in love dont know if i ever will.... but i can say i love
her... fuck i want everything to work. fuck my dad is
bitchin... gotta do my shit and freeze my ass off in the
cold and go get naked and take my shower! Thanks for being
a great friend Jamie... I Love You and ALWAYS WILL!!!