Lyra Lux

The Exploits of Lyra Lux
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2002-01-16 01:56:27 (UTC)

October 22

There was a dance. I didn't want to go, as I had no desire to people
like Ben Brassfield \"strut their stuff\" while
attempting to speak to girls in shorter-than-usual dresses, as is the
Episcopalite tendancy. So, I went to watch Pleasantville with Ralph
and George. While we were watching, Lila came in and George harrassed
her. IT WAS GREAT! He goes, \"Lila, will you have sex with me??
\" She went white and just said NO. Then she left. George kept
grabbing my hand while we were watching the movie. I definately
didn't expect that.
Bryan came in the commons after a little while, and he
wanted to go to the dance, so I went. I am not a bad
dancer, and Avatus and many others voted me \"the only white
girl at EHS who can dance.\" It was surprisingly fun!
But I wish I had stayed with George.

Parents Weekend

My mother came. The first thing she said was, "why did you keep me
waiting in your room so long?" I swear to God, if she ever just shut
the fuck up, i don't know what I'd do. Well, I'd prolly hafta go on
aderol just to maintain my personality without dropping dead. Not
that she would notice.
She felt

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