a freak with a heart
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2002-01-16 01:53:00 (UTC)

Shadows on my Life

Dear Dairy,

Why is it that you can never seem to figure out life?
When you think you have one thing figured out you really
just opened a door to a 100 more questions!
Today in MMC (mutimedia cmmunications) a friend of mine
and i were talking about how me generation, not even my
whole generation only a hande full of us seem to think
differently. i mean everyday it seems like we are always
depressed!!! i mean seriously depressed, to the point were
we can't even get out of bed to go to school... ok now this
friend i've known since 6th grade. but i never really got
ot know her, i mean i'd talk to her and all. but really
just about things going on in class. i never really really
got to know her....and today for some reason we started
talking about church and our beliefs in God and all. and
then we started talking about things we think about every
day and about our lives....this is when she told me that
she stayed out from school yesterday because she was so
depressed....and then i told her that i did the same
thing!!! this struck me as a little weird...i mean here i
am talking to this girl i knew but never really got to know
telling her all about my life and she's doing the same.
(what we really talked about is none of you bissness)
Then we just talked about how good it felt to be able to
tlak to someone that knew what they were going through...i
mean ppl like me and her and my boy friend... ppl who
ponder life issuses and complexe things from day to day.
ppl who are in touch with there souls and emotions. i have
been looking for these ppl for a few months now and so far
between my b/f and i we have only now found a total of 8
ppl. 8 ppl and they are all 16 and 17...thing brings up so
many questions fr me and my 7 friends...questions that no
other 16 or 17 year old are thinking about, questions that
even adults don't think aobut! what does that mean for
us...do we have this ablitly to think so far out side the
box for a reason? and is this reason a good thing or a bad
tihng? is the future in our hands? and if so how will we
know what to do, and when will we find out?
i could g on and on about this but i would never be
able to get it across to you, only others who have this
ablitly can really truly understand what im talking about.
even if they don't know what they are they still
understand, just like my friend today. she didn't know what
she is until i started talking to her and i realized that
she understood me and she was like me! and i think i opened
her eyes becasue she seemed so confused and alone, which
makes me think she really didn't know that she was special!
she was like me and the others...but heres another question
for you how many are out there, when will we find them,
and did God pick us to be specail, and if so WHY?

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