Lyra Lux

The Exploits of Lyra Lux
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2002-01-16 01:44:17 (UTC)

October 7

Tis and I broke up. It was definately the worst break-up
ever. The phones were cut off, and it was a Sunday so there
was no strip. We had to do it over AIM. How queer can one
It started because I just didn't say anything around him.
He would walk by me in the bookstore or somewhere and I
just wouldn't say anything. I don't know why, I just didn't
want to talk to him.
So anyway he got online and said, "This isn't working, is
it?" At that point, all I could say back was, "It could but
it isn't now..." And that was that. It seems wrong,
somehow. I felt so right around him, things seemed perfect.
But the things he said to George are really bothering me.

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