I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-01-16 01:35:19 (UTC)



Been doing the school stuff lately. It's been really good
so far. I really hope I get the Red Marq job though. I love
that store. Made general check-up appointments at doctors
today. So that's good. My sister is coming home this
weekend, yay. Oh, Sunday is my birthday. Woohoo. Whatever.
I feel really old. I mean, birthdays aren't that special
after you turn 21. What's the big deal about 22? Pffft.
What I really want for my birthday are new friends. Good
friends, who you can call at a moments notice and do
nothing together. That's what I really want. Yeah, yeah, I
know that it helps to actually TALK to people. I'm working
on it, it's that shy/self-esteem thing. We'll see.

It's chilly here. Chris got a new bed and desk today.
That's so exciting! Go him!! I hope that all is well with
him. I wish I could do something to make his life better,
but there's nothing that I can think of to do.

I want a massage. I want love. I want....