Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2002-01-16 01:32:19 (UTC)

Bring on the Rain

Hey all! I just heard a really good song! It's by JoDee
Messina! It's called Bring On the Rain, and it's about
dealing with your problems and being ready for
them....Tomorrow's another day...and I am not
bring on the rain! That's in the song and I thought that it
was very good lyrics. Considering all of my problems. I am
doing quite well now actually...I realized that I am not
that bad at writing poems about my feelings, and I have
been doing that, and as strange and weird as it seems for
me, I actually for once in a long, long, time do not feel
stressed out! I started writing a lot lately, cuz I have
study hall, and we're doing a unit on punctuation in
english right now, which I really need to pay attention
for, but today I just had to write a poem. lol. I can't
believe how much that it helps me. I'm realizing a lot of
things, things that actually do matter. Tomorrow I am going
to see my counselor about switching around my schedule,
because, for one, I'm dropping my study hall so that I can
sleep in longer, and hopefully switch my western class so
that I can be with some friends, and so on and so forth, I
will write more about that after I know more.
I messed up a lot of things this weekend with Zack, I'm
just going to let him have time to think about htings, and
think things through, but last night he called me and we
talked for a little while so I think everything with him is
getting back to normal, which is good and bad, because
right now I don't feel any feelings for him, but I'm just
anxious to find out how I will feel next time I see him
because, that, will be the ultimate test, if I see him and
talk to him, and still don't feel anything, then I can say
that I am over him.....but for some reason I am thinking
that I will like him again after we start talking more

I'm so excited for this weekend! On Friday, I leave at 6:00
to go up to the school for snowball(an antidrup, anti
alcohol weekend thing at school, and I won't get home til
Sunday at 12:00! I can't wait, it'll be so much fun, guys
and girls, all weekend sleepover. What a blast.

I signed up for I decide(that one group who does all the
TRUTH commercials) because I figure that anyway I can help,
I am willing. SO YAY!

Next time I bring my notebook home, I might put a few poems
in here...maybe!

Love ya'll and Godbless!

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