Gothic Visions
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2002-01-16 01:23:29 (UTC)

I hate guys that think they are "The Shit"

This is another topic on my molester. Probably my one of
many topics that I'm going to discuss how he makes me feel.
1. Yes the main one he makes me angry.
2. He makes me feel depressed.
3. He makes me feel non-worthy.
4. He makes me feel that I can only be dependant on him.
5. I tried to commit suicide because of him.
6. He makes me feel self-concious.

See? That's the many reasons why I hate him. He makes me
feel like royal trash. Like dog doo on a sidewalk. Yes,
that's me! I'm the shit you step in.

Dream on....

I want him to fry in Hell, I want him hung, I want him
buried alive, I want him to SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER!!!!!!!!!!
I think I deserve that right. For one, he treats me like,
well I think I told you how he treats me good enough.

I still believe if I cut my wrist more openly where I would
be bleeding, that he would be the one in my funeral trying
to stiffle a laugh. While there I am with a cut on my
wrist, because I can't get over his stupid ways.

I'm going to be the old woman frowning all the time,
because here I am at 18-years old with a big heeping frown
on my fucking face. I always have this frown. Nothing
amuses me. Everything is so fucking DULL. I'm not happy,
when I am something just has to piss me off.

My aquaintance told me that I'm a ticking time bomb. Well a
few things piss me off, and I'll name off the main ones.
1. (The BIGGEST) Stupidity, Stupidity, Stupidity!!!!
2. Ignorance
3. Dumb fucking jokes
4. Abusers of any kind
5. Critisicm
6. hypocrites
7. Over obsessive religious fanatics
8. People who tell me how I should run my life
9. Authority figures

(Trust me people, this could go on for DAYS!)

As you can see, alot of things choke my chicken, but alot
of things make me smile too. I'll name off a few.
1. My dog/Animals
2. Dancing
3. Singing
4. Drawing
5. Listening to music
6. writing music
7. Poetry
8. movies
9. Friends
10. Love
11. Death (Ha! Weird eh?)

(And a few others)

Like I have said before, I have a Ying Yang side to me. The
person who treats me like a bow wow (I won't mention names
cause he's a pussy and he can't take it when people dish it
out to him) brings out my bad side. My bad side is pretty
rough. I can be immature, childish, a hypocrite, and a few
other things. I don't mean to be this way to him, but he
brings out "da debbil" in me.

Well I had enough bitching for right now.