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2002-01-16 01:18:04 (UTC)

another bad day

He didn't call last night to try and talk about it, or make
up or anything. I was bummed. But my Mom asked me a good
question. You hang up on him and expect him to call you
back? She is right, and admitted that I'm just like her in
that way. But there was a part of me that thought he should
call because he was WRONG! I wasn't wrong. And that's part
of my problem. I THINK i was right, and feel I know he was
wrong but when I really thought about it, I knew in my
heart that he wasn't saying what I truly thought he said,
and although his view is skewed in my mind, it's not such a
terrible thing.
But then today at work i saw him online and he eventually
said hello, but didn't bring it up, asked how work was, how
i was, just testing the water, and i was quiet, and then he
says, well, i can see your still mad at me, i'll let you
go. And then I was even more mad. I said, so this is how
you handle situations like this? So this leads into a
discussion about it, but it doesn't come across right
becaues of the IM'ing thing, so we decided to talk tonight.
So he called me on the way home from work, but I was going
to my yoga class, he asked if i wanted to talk now or
later, i said later, so we'll talk tonight.
The yoga class was wonderful, it helped with the stress and
tension i was carrying in my shoulders and back of neck. I
like the teacher.
There's a guy i've been emailing lately and tonight we're
going to talk on the phone. We'll see what happens there.

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