Reality Bites
2002-01-16 01:16:46 (UTC)

Second Place

Lately, actually not lately but recently I'll say I've come
to the realization that in Alyssa's life I am second to
Tim, which is ok. I'm not jelous or anything cause I'm used
to it, Im just waking up to it. It kinda shows me how I
dont know people as well as I think I do sometimes cause I
thought we'd be best friends forever, and then all of a
sudden after 9 years of us both having boyfriends
sparatically she gets a boyfriend that takes my place
essentially. It's kinda wierd, but I'm adjusting.

Today was alright. I bombed a math test, but it's ok. And
school went by relitively slow. I didn't have first period
(SCORE!) cause my teacher wasn't there, so we all just
chilled in the Arts Center. I got to eye flirt with the hot
junior I've been crushing on lately Eddie. He's so quiet
but so hot! After school my senior friends Amy and Trish
drove me, Lyss and Liz down town and we got some drinks and
chips from the hottie at the deli and then went and saw
Allie at Starbucks who hooked us up with Frapps. Then we
took the bus home and Jimmy was on which was cool cause we
chatted. He's so damn awesome!

I dont know what else to say, I should go work out, I just
wanted to write so I don't get too far behind and that
second place shit was on my mind...lator gators!~me~